Herbalife Arrives in Portugal!

Herbalife may have been present in Portugal for a while now, but with a brand new site to shop from, we can truly say that consumers in Portugal are in for a treat!

Herbalife has been around in Portugal for a while now, but the global weight management company has not been represented as it should. With a brand new site opening under the supervision of some of its most dedicated members, HerbaPortugal.pt, local clients will be able to get the products they want at the best prices in the country.

Herbalife Portugal Ronaldo

For readers who are not entirely familiar with Herbalife and their products, they are a leading global company that focuses it energy on providing people with healthy, balanced nutrition. The replacement meals that they produce, in the form of delicious shakes, contain key vitamins, minerals and a whole lot of protein, but at the same time very few calories (around 200kCal per meal). The standard diet plan that the company recommends is to replace two meals per day with the Formula 1 shake and have one regular (and preferably healthy and balanced) meal. Along with the replacement meal, there are supplements such as Multivitamins and Fiber tablets that are to be take before each meal, as well as an energy giving drink based on green tea that is a fantastic replacement for soft drinks. Take a look at this video showing a delicious shake recipe.

One of the great things about the Herbalife weight loss plans is the support that each client receives when he or she buys the products. It is no great secret that losing weight is really not that hard when you come to think of it. In an age where so much information is at our fingertips, finding meal plans and healthy recipes has never been simpler. The real issue that most people face is sticking to a plan day after day, and picking yourself up and continuing with it even after you interrupt it for whatever reason.

Herbalife provides its clients with direct support from its members, who were in most cases clients in their own right some time ago and therefore are very aware of the problems and challenges that starting (and maintaining) a weight loss regime brings. They are always there to answer your questions, to counsel and guide you about proper nutrition and to make sure that you never give up, no matter how hard or impossible your diet goals may seem. Take a look at this article to see exactly what we mean.

The results that some people have achieved have been truly astounding. Most people start in order to lose the 7 or 8 pounds that they have gained over the winter or something similar, but there are also people who have experienced significant health problems because of their weight and have solved them with Herbalife’s diet. The great thing about these products is that they emphasize a gradual and sustainable rate of weight loss – the point really is the lose the weight, and never get it back. Say goodbye to the dreaded yo-yo effect!

If you are looking for a good way to lose weight, or just want to add some healthy nutrition into your daily life, then take a look at HerbaPortugal.pt and let us know what you think!