Why is Herbalife so Popular in the United Kingdom?

Herbalife UK – Love it or hate it, but you must have heard a lot about it.

As the summer approaches, we are made more and more aware of a certain weight loss company that has been present in our lives for more than 30 years. Herbalife, the healthy shake and weight loss company, is here once again!

Herbalife Formula 1 Shake

What is the best way to use Herbalife products though? And which product should you get in case you are thinking about starting on one of their weight loss programmes? Let us begin by answering that second question first. Easily the most important product is the Herbalife Shake, the replacement meal that is at the heart of all their weight loss programmes. I have tried it, and I must say that it is really delicious. It comes in 7-8 great flavours, is extremely easy to make (does not take more than a minute) and most importantly – really does fill you up. As someone who is used to having the hearty old English breakfast of kidney beans, bacon and eggs, this came as a great surprise, but it is true. The high protein and vitamin content kept me going great until lunch, when I had a regular (but balanced) meal, and then again through the night after having the shake for dinner. Take a look at this.

The amazing thing with this weight loss programme is just how easy it was to stick to it, precisely because there was so little planning and thinking to do. I knew that every morning when I woke up, my breakfast would be ready in seconds, and the same went for dinner. There was simply no excuse to order unhealthy, fattening fast food any more, or reach for those snacks that I knew I would regret later.

To complement my great Herbalife weight loss plan, the next step was to start living a more healthy and active lifestyle. I actually started walking more, getting out and about, and this had a great impact on my quality of life. Losing weight and dieting is so much simpler and more rewarding when combined with a dedicated sports program, it is just a joy. It is simply great to feel and see the difference every day on yourself, and makes the whole journey much more enjoyable and easier to stick to. I lost an amazing 8kg in my first month, and then a further 4 in the second month of using Herbalife products. After the first two months, I gradually kept losing weight until I reached my target weight some 5 months later. I can honestly say that this was the easiest way I have tried (and succeeded!) to lose weight with. You don’t need to believe me – just check out all these other amazing Herbalife reviews.

There is no great secret to Herbalife, or some magic bullet or missing ingredient that we cannot find in other ways of eating. It is just that this programme was, for me at least, so simple to follow. The biggest headache for me was always figuring out and planning what to eat. This new way of living removed that problem, while at the same time providing me with good nutrition and a satisfying meal at a fraction of the calories and cost that I would usually take. But don’t take my word for it – test it for yourself and see how you like it!